The head office of the monastic administration is known as Changzoe Khang (Monastic Administrative Office) with directors/administrators, two secretaries (Tib & English Section), one accountant. Except for English Secretary and monk drivers, all the staff at the administrative office is on three-year terms. The directors, accountant and Tibetan secretary are elected by the monks at the prayer congregation.

Over 300 monk staff works under the Administrative Office, handicraft-training center, library, medical store, dairy farm, prayer hall temple and school. Most of them are all volunteers and no salary as such is paid to them. They served the monastery for many years with full dedication.

There is also monk staff who do their duty for three months such as supervisor of the canteen and communal kitchen. Five to ten monks work in the canteen and communal kitchen as helpers for a day. The monks are doing every minor to major work themselves. With the dire need for funds, this service by the monks saves huge labor expenses.

 W.E.F 1ST APRIL 2020,

1) Gungru geshe Jampa dhondup, (chief administrator) (Third from left)
2) Nanital abbot Ex chant master Geshe Namgyal (Third from right)
3) gungru geshe kalsang samdup, (Second from left)
4) lubum geshe ngawang jinpa,(First from left)
5) lubum geshe ngawang jinpa,  (Second left from second row)
6) lubum geshe Tenzin Thinley,(second from right)
7)shungpa geshe konchok Tsultrim (third right from second row)
8) samlo Geshe Sangay gyatso (first right from second row)
9) Thewo ven Tsondue Gyatso (first left from second row)
10)Ngari Geshe Tashi dawa, (Tibetan Secretary) (second right from second row)
11) samlo Geshe Nyima Tsering, (accountant) (first from right)

(Mr. Migmar Tsering is the Administration English Secretary with the monastery since 2nd June 1996)