O My lord Guru,
The genesis of knowledge-treasure,
The embodied manifestation of Lord Manjushiri,
The repository of wisdom-treasure!
If taken refuge with utmost fixed grounded faith in thy greatness,
Pray to nurture me as long as the worldly space exists!

What to deal with here after putting forth the bliss-seeking verse-form lines in advance is a brief about Drepung Gomang Monastic University, one of the most reputed centers ( the three great seats: Drepung, Gaden and Sera) for learning, contemplating and practicing Tibetan Buddhist thoughts and science notably known as the second Nalanda University in Tibet. As prophesied in Langsheg Sutra by Lord Buddha: When once Nagaraja Madhopa pledged Lord Buddha with a white conch, Lord Buddha handed it over to Maugalayana, one of his two closest attendants who possessed transcendental miracle-power, with blessed and instructive decree to take it to Gogpa Ri (Garlic Hill) at Gaden in Tibet and hide it there in the hill. It adds that in the future the Bhiksu of Lotus-purity in nature would unearth it and it would thereafter be used as Tsogdhung, to be blown as the signaling medium for gathering to spiritual congregation.

And so Je Tsong Khapa, the founder of Yellow Hat Sect, did precisely unearth it from the site later in time as to hand it, the blessed and powerful mascot, over to one of his closest disciples, Jamyang Choeje, with deep dedicated auspicious prayers to carry out the profound task of founding a monastery that bear the inevitable significance of flourishing Buddha Dharma for the welfare of sentient beings. Thus, Jamyang Choeje, who professed the sublime infinite divinity of meritorious grace, founded Drepung University, the knowledge industry of Buddhist studies in both academic and practical grounds, in the year 1416, the fire monkey year of Tibetan almanac in the 7th Rabjung (60 years based Tibetan system that equates the system of century in general).

As the revelation of prophesied message and dedicative prayers for auspicious significances continued to ensue with the burgeoning number of monk-students in their thousands from different directions gathered to pursue Buddhist studies, Jamang Choeje optimized the rise of his meritorious significances by taking over the seat of Abbot General and residing and teaching there at the head monastery and appointing Drung Dhakpa Rinchen, Khechok Lagdhenpa, Chokpa Jangchup Pal, Tsondue Dhak, Rabchok, Kunrin and Lodoe Gyaltsen as teaching masters as to ramify later the branches of the university in their own establishments in order beginning first from Gomang, Loseling, Dheyang, Dhulwa, Ngakpa, Gyalpa and Shakor—the seven monastic colleges came into being in ranking order that testifies the industries propagating many highly trained scholar-products in the upcoming times.