Materials for Local coordinators

Materials for Local Coordinators

The materials below are to assist the coordinators with their job in providing publicity to the media and in presenting the Drepung Gomang Tour Programs  to the people in their area. All the below materials are copied here from after slight changes and updates.

Unless otherwise designated, you can use Adobe Acrobat to download these files,

Coloring Book (click on file & scroll down to find the pictures)

    Part 1:  Monastery Scenes
    Part 2:  Symbols of Tibet
    Part 3:  The Eight Auspicious Symbols (Tashi Dargye)

Coordinators Materials

History of Drepung Gomang Monastery
Mailing List Sheet
Visiting Monks of Drepung Gomang Institute Brochure
Thangka Slide Show
What local coordinators need to do


Cultural Presentation

Cultural Presentation Program



Donations and Sponsorship

Donation Programs
Tax Information

Flyers: On  the Adobe pdf files, go to blank areas and insert your cursor to type in specific information such as date,  time, location, host, and contact.  On the Word files, insert your cursor where you like.

Fire Puja (Adobe)
Medicine Buddha Puja (Adobe)
Sand Mandala

Handouts About Tibet (These materials may be duplicated and distributed to the public)

A Brief History of Tibet
A Modern History of Tibet
Fact Sheet About Tibet
Tibet in Exile
How You Can Support of Tibet
What Can I Do For Tibet?
Addresses of the Office of Tibet
Outline of Buddhism
Five Spiritual Traditions of Tibet
His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama

Invitation & Reservation Form Samples

The sample Invitation.pdf (Adobe) has a front side (with Gomang Seal) and an inside page.  (Please scroll down--the blank backside appears first).  On the Adobe pdf files there are form fields in which you place your curser and insert the Time/Place/Contact Information (top of page two) and the names of the Sponsors (bottom of page two under Drepung Gomang Monastery, India).  The size of the invitation is 6 x 9.  On the (Word) file, insert your cursor where you wish.

Construction process of Sand Mandala
Directions for Constructing a Mandala Board
Mandala Construction
Mandala Explanation
Mandala Explanation and Construction (illustrated)
Mandala Preservation Instructions
Medicine Buddha sand mandala  discussion with pictures/overlay (download links)
Chenresig mandala discussion with picure/overlay (download links)
Amitayus mandala discussion with picture/overlay (download links)

Media Information (Adobe files)

A sample press release is provided to assist local coordinators in composing their own press releases to local media such as newspapers, radio & tv, and school and church bulletins.  This particular release is on non existence center.  Coordinators need to modify it to fit their own specifications.  In addition, you will find "Quotable Quotes" that can be released to the media and a sheet listing the correct spelling of proper names connected with the monastery and the tour.

Sample:  Peace Center Press Release
Quotable Quotes
Spellings of Proper Names

The Ritual Fire Puja

Fire Puja

Tibetan Culture

Butter Sculptures
Eight Auspicious Symbols
Mudras (Symbolic Gestures)
Om Mani Pedme Hung
Path to Enlightenment
Prayer Flags
Prayer Wheel
Tibetan Altar
Tibetan Flag
Tibetan Thangkas
Tibetan Recipes
"The Four Harmonious Brothers"
"The Four Perfect Friends"
Vajra, Bell, & Beads