Gomang Community Kitchen

Monks undergo many hours of studies and good health is a must for study. All the food for the monks from highest Abbot to the newest novice or new monks in the monastery is supplied from monastery communal kitchen. A breakfast, a slab of bread and a sugarless tea. Lunch consists of vegetable and bread, sometimes rice and dinner of rice or Tibetan noodles (Thukpa). All the foods available or served in the monastery is vegetarian food. The monks cooked and work in the kitchen by rotation, the supervisor monks period of one month and after every one month, new supervisor monks take charge of the kitchen, they are helped and assisted by a group of about twenty monks on a day kitchen duty. 

Monks by rotation have to do kitchen duty or canteen duty, they have to reach kitchen at 5 am in the morning.

With increase in monks population, the monastery is facing great difficulties as it has to see the other needs of the monks such as accommodation, medical and so on. The small donation that we received are used also for purchasing the utensils, Steam Boiler, and cooking gas for the kitchen.

So as to raise funds for the Monk kitchen expenses, a Food Foundation project was started up where funds received on this specific project was deposited in the bank, and the interested derived on that amount is used to cover up the expenses of monastery communal kitchen.