Drepung Gomang Library

Photo: First floor and second floor is Drepung Gomang Library  (RIGHT: Reading hall at Drepung Gomang LIbrary)

: Drepung Gomang Library Staff Picture with Director Geshe Dhargyal Phuntsok 

Lubum Geshe Jigme Tenphel has been elected as the director of Drepung Gomang Library and assisted by Geshe Lubum Phuntsok Dhargye and scores of geshes and monks at Drepung Gomang Library. The term of the director of Drepung Gomang Library is of three year. After every three year, new director is elected by the monks during the election conducted at the congregation.

Drepung Gomang Library has launched their first E-Portal on 'Kunkhyen Sungbum' text. ‘Kunkhyen Sungbum’ texts in book format, i.e., commentaries of great Scholar Kunkhyen Jamyang Sheypa which is one of the main core syllabus of this monastery’s curriculum. This E-portal is free and accessible to everyone who is interested. Please visit website www.gomanglibrary.com

(kindly note that from May 2014, the post of Director of library will as same as the directors of administrative office (chanzoekhang) as decided at the Grand Meeting of the monastery)

*Computer section

The sacred  texts or the manuscript are typed in the computer by the monks, made in book format or scripture format and published for the students to read and which can be borrow from the library also.








*Editing Section

The scholars and Geshes of the monastery edit the computer printout of the books before giving it to final printing.









The teachings of great learned scholars are recorded in tapes, CDs so that the students can use it for future reference.




Former library incharge, Geshe Tenpa Choklang says that When the monks escaped to India from Tibet, they were able to carry a few texts and books which they stored in a make-shift library at their transit camp in northeast India. After re-establishing in south India, the monastery was able to construct a good library which houses a large collection of Buddhist sacred texts. Geshe la also stressed that our monastery has a large collection of Buddhist texts compared to other monasteries. No other monastery has what we have here at the Drepung Gomang Library. This is a result of the many scholars from this monastery who have written texts, important commentaries, etcs. Our aim is to preserve all these works and make them available to our students.

With a scarcity of funds and other resources, we are not able to print out the many important texts to make them readily available to the students.

For donations on library, you are requested to send checks in favor of Drepung Gomang Education Society.

Memo-library fund.

Our postal address: Drepung Gomang Monastic Admin Office,
Lama camp no. 2,
P.O. Tibetan Colony-581411,
Distt. Uttar Kannada,
Karnataka State.

Email:gomangoffice (at) yahoo.com