Monks undergo many hours of studies and good health is a must for study. All the food for the monks in the monastery is supplied from college communal kitchen. A breakfast, a slab of bread and a sugarless tea. Lunch consists of vegetable and bread, sometimes rice and dinner of rice or Tibetan noodles soup (Thukpa).  The goal of Drepung Gomang Food Foundation is to ensure the proper nourishment of the monks at Drepung Gomang Monastery. Presently there are 2000 monks living at the monastery. Each year approximately 150 new monks from Tibet, Mongolia, Tibetan Mongolia, Russia, Nepal and Himalayan region of India such as Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh and also from Tibetan settlement in India join here to pursue traditional monastic studies.  

Since monastery is dedicated to the survival and continuance of the teachings of Buddha, no person is refused entrance into the monastery. However, many of these monks have no financial resource to support themselves. As a result, Gomang is faced with the ever-increasing problem of providing enough food for the monastery to ensure that everyone living here remains healthy in order to pursue their study on Buddhist Philosophy.

The Food Foundation plans to guarantee that the monastery will have enough money in reserve so that even in times of financial drought or crisis, there will always be food available. The plan is to raise enough money so that the food allowance will be paid by the interest generated by money deposited in the Food Foundation. This ensures that no matter what economic situation arises, there will always be supply of food for the monks.  

The monastery's community kitchen incurs a minimum monthly expenses of Rs.10,00,000/-  Kind individuals, non-profit organizations, dharma centers/institute are kindly requested to make contribution to Food Foundation fund of the monastery.

For wire transfer, the bank accountant information can be avail from monastery's secretary by email: gomangoffice(at) Donors can also make donation by personal checks, cashier check/bank draft in favor of 'Drepung Gomang Education Society' or by paypal.