Important Facts About Tibetan Refugees-

Days and nights they travel, sometimes escaping and dodging from the bullets of Chinese border police, only hands as their mountaineering equipments, risking their lives to get blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to pursue genuine traditional monastic studies.

In 1949, the Peoples' Liberation Army of Communist China invaded Tibet.  For a period of ten years,the political and spiritual  leader of this sovereign nation, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, tried to negotiate a peaceful settlement with the Chinese, but to no avail.  On March 10, 1959, His Holiness was forced to leave his native land.  He fled to India where he has since established a Tibetan Goverment in Exile.

Following the footsteps of His Holiness, were more than 80,000 refugees.  During the past 40 years, thousands of Tibetans have continued to flee their homeland and settle in various places throughout the world.  The country of India has generously provided Tibetans with refugee status and in the 1960s provided them some land to live on.  Meanwhile, the Communist Chinese government continues to destroy the country, the culture, and the environment of Tibet. Most ominous is the fact that the government is displacing the population so that now the Chinese outnumber Tibetans in many areas of the country. The Chinese have attempted systematically to wipe out the practice of Buddhism. It has destroyed more than 6,000 of Tibet's monasteries and has imprisoned, tortured, and executed thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns.  All told, more than 1.2 million Tibetans have died at the hands of the Chinese since the initial invasion.

At great risk to their lives, Tibetans continue to leave Tibet. Parents send their children to the monasteries in India with the hope that they will receive an education there and be instructed in their Buddhist religion.  Monks arrive  from Tibet with absolutely nothing, requiring all essentials (bedding, medicine, robes, texts etc.) and in dire need of medical assistance.  Each year, hundreds arrive at Drepung Gomang Monastery which now provides for more than 2000 monks.  This monastery--one of Tibet's largest before it was destroyed by the Communists during the Cultural Revolution--has been rebuilt on the original 40.4 acres of property provided by the government of India in the early 70's.

How can you help these refugees? 

You can choose to sponsor a Tibetan refugee monk by sending the monastery $25-30 a month. You are requested to kindly make donations or sponsorship check in favor of 'Drepung Gomang Education Society'.

For sponsorship, please click below link

Your kind donation, sponsorship will enable the monastery to provide him and the other monks at the monastery with their basic needs. Although your contribution will go into the monastery’s general fund so that all the monks will benefit from your generosity, the monastery will be sending you an official receipt upon receipt of your kind donation or sponsorship. The Administrative Office will be regularly corresponding with you on behalf of the monk, informing you about the activities and day to day life in the monastery and monks life. The monks lead a simple life and monks have come to India solely to pursue their traditional monastic studies and we don’t want to get them distract from their studies which they have traveled days and nights to be here.  Your gifts (books, pens, pencils, socks, etc.) will go directly to your sponsored monk.

Please read the biographies linked to this page.  Information is provided on how to make donation and where you should send your money. One hundred percent of your contribution will go directly to the monastery's sponsorship fund. Official receipt will be issued for every donation/sponsorship/prayer offering. Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

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