When Drepung Gomang Monastery was relocated here in South India (the present location), there was only about 60 monks. The Indian Government allotted lands to monasteries and our monastery was allotted only 40.4 acres of land as per 60 monks during that time. Now with rapid increase of monks, the current monk population of the monastery is more than 2000 monks. Every year more monks arrives from Tibet, Russia, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia as well as from Nepal and Himalayan region such as Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and also from various Tibetan settlements in India. Farming is done in 15 acres of land where we grow paddy or corn every year, in the remaining acres of land, school, prayer hall, hostel, dormitory have been constructed. The monastery still need more hostel to accommodate the ever increasing monks and funds to purchase lands and your kind donation to maintain the hostel/dormitories, pay up the electricity bills, etcs.,


Donation requested for

  • Construction of more Hostel¬†
  • Purchase of more lands/fields
  • Repairs/renovation of hostel/dormitory