Drepung Gomang Library, one of the reputed Buddhist library in South India where it is a source of large collection of rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, important commentaries and books on Five Major School of Buddhism, History, Poetry, Philosophy etc. Books and texts are made available for loan to every student at Drepung Gomang Monastery. The library charges very nominal fees for its many services. The aim of the library is to preserve all these works and make them available to the students and other scholastic interest people. All the staffs of the library are monk volunteers.

Major works of library

Reprinting of sacred Buddhist text in book format to be make it available to the students.

Recording the great teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many scholars/teachers of Drepung Gomang Monastery and various monasteries and make them available to the students.

Inputting the important sacred texts into CD.

Project undergoing and completed by Drepung Gomang Library:

  • Sanskrit diction and pronunciation class has started with qualified Indian Sanskrit teacher. 95 students with two sessions of 2 hours each. (3 nuns, 92 monks from Drepung Gomang, Gaden Jangtse, Sakya, Loseling) And Special Evening class for Scripture/texts teachers and library staff.
  • Special class conducted for three months on Tibetan astrology by scholar Namkha la. 160 students with two sessions of 1 hour each (3 nuns, 157 monks from monks from Drepung Gomang, Gaden Jangtse, Sakya, Loseling)
  • Publication of books on Commentaries of Great Kunkhen Jamyang Shepa is at the final stage of publication.
  • Editing work on Commentaries of Great Gungthang Tenpe Drome and Great Kunkhen Jigme Wangpo is currently going on at Library.
  • Publication of books on ‘17 Great Indian Scholars of Nalanda’ in collaboration with Namgyal Monastery. Editing work is currently undergoing at Drepung Gomang Library. With book release date on  6th July, 2016 (On the birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama).


  • To conduct Symposium on Sutra and Tantra with invitation to scholars from Gaden, Sera and Drepung once every three years:Estimate Rs.4,00,000/-

  • To publish books on the commentaries/biographies of great scholars who has composed on Great Kunkhen Jamyang Shepa texts- Estimate Rs.10,00,000/-

  • To invite qualified teachers from Gyumed Tantric college to teach on Tantrayana for one-two month period:Estimate Rs.30,000/-

  • To conduct special classes to study and enhance Tibetan grammar and literature, poetry, etcs for young monks of both Gomang and Loseling:Estimate Rs.50,000/-

  • To conduct Sanskrit class for the monks with qualified teacher from Varanasi Deemed University:Estimate Rs.2,00,000/-

  • To invite scholars from other faiths (Hindu, Christianity, etcs) for inter-faith dialogue and discussion.Estimate Rs.5,00,000/-

  • To organize Special class for Tibetan language for 15 young under graduate and graduate students
    (Tibetan and Himalayan students) during their annual College summer break with free arrangement of food,
    accommodation and travel expenses for the attendee.Estimate Rs.2,50,000/-

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