Until recently, the monastery has been providing 75% medical allowances (percentage according to the availability of funds in this project) to the monks who under go medical treatment provided that they submit an original copies of their medical bills and expenses. This allowance is made available to an individual monk after every three months. This program has been very beneficial to the monks who don’t have any money and who live solely on prayer offerings.

With increase in population, illness like cold, stomach ulcer, jaundice, diarrhea are common and some also undergo complicated heart surgery.

However for the last few months, there has been decrease in the percentage provided because of insufficient funds for this program and because of the many monks who have been coming forward to claim this medical allowance. This meant that in the future, many, many sick monks won’t be able to go to hospital as they won’t be able to afford to do so.

The donations received for this project will be kept in separate account and will be used for providing medical allowance to the monks.  


Donation requested

  • For monthly health allowance
  • Construction more spacious rooms for inpatients
  • for doctor and nurse salary


Introduction of Tibetan medicines

Besides providing monthly allowances, monastery’s dispensary have been doing many great works:

  1. Inviting doctors/specialist doctors from cities and town for check up of monk students.
  2. Visiting senior monks residence with the doctor, monitoring their health and keeping monthly check up
  3. Charging only nominal fees for the medicines
  4. Providing doctor services totally free
  5. Providing dressing of wounds, sores freely
  6. Assisting patients when they go for further medical treatment.