With His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 9th Dec, 2012 at our prayer hall temple

After leaving Tibet after invasion by China, walking days and nights, the monks first relocated in Buxa in Northeast India, leaving in refugee tents, many of the monks and other refugee died because of sudden change in climate and diet. Soon they were relocated in South India in present location in 1969-1970, about 60 monks were able to arrived here after surviving Buxa. The land that the state Government has allotted here was full of forest, it was a big task for them to reconstruct everything.

(Photo:  Late Khensur Drepung Tripa Tempa Tenzin with novice monks 1970)

Everyone worked hard, some worked in the field, some wrote texts and scriptures for the young novice students that will come. They worked hard till they blistered hand become harden and rough, despite the pain and hardship, they worked hard for the monastery. This monastery will never forget their gratefulness.

Thanks and gratitude to the senior Buxa monks and great respect for what they have done, the success of this monastery is all because of their great vision and great dedicated work.

This monastery has been able to preserve it religious tradition and custom all because of great vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and also because of great effort put forward by the senior monks. Some of the great teachers have also worked in the field during those hard days to run this monastery besides teaching the monk students.  




The Buxa monks with Mr. Andreas Kurz. (pic taken april 24th 2008)





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