In 1987, His Holiness the Dalai Lama went for inspection to various monastic Universities in India to see first hand how the studies are going and also to supervised the foods served there. His Holiness told the monastic Universities to serve him the same food that are served in communal kitchen. After having it, His Holiness told that it would be nice if food that are served in kitchen can be upgraded to some more nutritional food as monks studies is of many hours and good health is a must to study. As per His Holiness suggestion, the Gomang monastery upgraded it. Previously there were not any vegetables for lunch, only tea and bread was served also at lunchtime. The vegetables for monks lunch was then introduced with funds from small carpet factory of the University at Nepal. The factory was going great and monks got their vegetables for lunch for four years, but in 1996-97, we have to closed down our small factory due to poor trade and incurring loss, later it was sold with big loss. The factory was the main source of funds for monks vegetable for lunch. Every year the monks in the monastery keep increasing. With population of more than 2000, the monastery is facing great difficulties as it has to see the other needs of the monks such accommodation, medical and so on. 

Donation for

  •  Renovation of Kitchen and repair of steam cooking machines and boiler
  •  Purchase of big utensils and ladle for the kitchen