For past several years, Drepung Gomang Monastery was able to send small entourage of monks to United States, Russia and other countries with kind assistance/guidance from our special friends and our sister organisations in respective countries which has been tremendous help in our covering the expenses of our community kitchen which caters foods to all the monks of this monastic community.  We humbly invite and request every single donations and contribution from everyone as it will be used in the various other day to day work of the monastery i.e., accommodation/hostel, medicine and dispensary, kitchen, dairy, arts and handicraft school, health projects.

We would like to thank the kind donors, sponsors, friends, volunteers, local coordinator for tours, National coordinators, hosts for their great support to this monastery in the past and request everyone to continue to do the same in future. And taking this opportunity, we on behalf of the monastery sincerely thanking everyone in advance for their kindness and generosity.  We once again assure for every single donation, we will send by post our official receipt.

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