Random Profiles of the Notable Adept Scholars Produced by Gomang

Other from the great minds mentioned in the article The Succession of Adept Patriarchs and Scholars this monastery produced many more ones:

  • The great Pundit Jhe Konchok Jigme Wangpo, the 2nd reincarnation of Kunkhen Jamyang Shepa;
  • Jhe Lobsang Thupten Jigme Gyatso, the 3rd reincarnation of Kunkhen;
  • Kalsang Thupten Wangchuk, the 4th reincarnation of Kunkhen;
  • Lobsang Yeshi Tenpei Gyaltsen, the 5th reincarnation of Kunkhen; Lobsang Jigme Thupten Choekyi Nyima, the presently serving reincarnation of Kunkhen;
  • Taktsak Jhe Drung Rinpoche known as Baso Choekyi Gyaltsen to his successive 13 reincarnations, presently serving Tenzin Choekyi Gyaltsen;
  • One of the three Tibet Tulkus Yon Gyalsei and his successive reincarnations;
  • The great adept scholar Changkya Rolpei Dorjee Jhe Chagkya Dhakpa Woeser to his successive 8 reincarnations, presently serving Tenzin Dhoyoe Yeshi Gyatso;
  • Kyolung Ngari Rinpoche Dulzin Dhakpa Gyaltsen, one the core disciples of Jhe Tsongkha Pa, to his successive 15 reincarnations;
  • Dupwang Lamp Rabjampa Sonam Dhakpa; Choesang Namgyal Paljor to his successive 6 reincarnations, presently serving Lobsang Tenpei Wangchuk;
  • Tsenpo Dhonyoe Gyatso; Lamo Shabdrung Karpo Lamo Tsonyi Gyatso to his successive 9 reincarnations, presently serving Lobsang Tenzin Choekyi Gyaltsen;
  • Gomshi Drupchen Gedun Sangpo or Gedun Lodoe; senior Lamo Dhak Dhakpa Gyatso or Lobsang Tashi to his successive 4 reincarnations, presently serving Lobsang Nyendak Gyatso;
  • Teetsang Manipa Sherap Tashi; Khagei Lodoe Gyatso;
  • Shamer Ngawang Thinley to his successive 7 reincarnations, presently serving Tenzin Gedun Phuljung Gyatso;
  • Samlo Geshe Methung Sonam Gyaltsen;
  • Dhetri Rinpoche Lobsang Dhonyoe to his successive reincarnations;
  • Thugsei Ngawang Tashi, one of the closest disciples of Kunkhen Jamynag Shepa, to his successive 6 reincarnations, presently serving Se Lobsang Paldan Choekyi Dorjee;
  • Kubum Taktsertsang to his successive reincarnations; Tharshultsang and his successive reincarnations;
  • Kubum Minyaktsang to his successive reincarnations;
  • Pakshoe Rakra to his successive reincarnations;
  • Barkham Gungru Palbar Tulku; Gungru Yulteng Tulku;
  • Shetam Tulku;
  • Shodho Dagom Tulku;
  • Tsunpa Lobsang Rabten;
  • Nurzei Drupai Wangchuk Ngawang Paldanpa, a great yogi;
  • Shar Kaldhen Gyatso’s 2nd reincarnation;
  • Gonkyatsang or Gomey Dhakpa Gyatso to his successive reincarnations;
  • Khenchen Gedun Gyatso;
  • Gyal Khenchen Lobsang Nyima to his successive reincarnations;
  • Lobsang Nyetenpa; Thuken Rinpoche to his successive reincarnations;
  • Sertok Nomonhen to his successive reincarnations;
  • Sumpa Khenpo Yeshi Paljor; Alak Sodhaktsang;
  • Ra Sonam Wangyal; Kapchu Mawa Dhonyoe Tsultrim;
  • Hor Losel Gyatso; Kabuk Lobsang Dhondup; Khedup Chemo Konchok Singei;
  • Alak Yongzin to his successive reincarnations; Kagyur Lama Rinpoche Lobsang Dhondhen;
  • Kyapje Buldhu Dorjee Chang;
  • Kyapje Khangsar Dorjee Chang;
  • Dupwang Geshe Samdup Rinpoche;
  • Kyapje Mokchok Rinpoche;
  • Dhobei Geshe Sherap Gyatso;
  • Khedup Jampal Rolpai Lodoe;
  • Gedun Choephel; Gyume Khensur Rinpoche Jamyang Yeshi;
  • Karam kyorpon Geshe Gedun Lodoe;
  • Palchen Wotrul Rinpoche Lobsang Thupten Gelek Nyima;
  • Dakpo Bamchoe Rinpoche Lobsang Jampal Jamba Gyatso;
  • Dakgom Yongzin Geshe Konchok Gyatso;
  • Shechen Gontrul Rinpoche Thupten Lungtok Gyatso;
  • Dhogei Tulku Tenzin Choekyi Nyima;
  • Palshul Yelo Rinpoche and their successive reincarnations.

As found in the monastic Religious History, this monastery has produced such many great adept scholars/sages from the three main prefectures—Dhomey, Utsang and Kham—of Tibet and served sustaining the well-being of Buddha Dharma for the welfare of mother sentient beings in pursuing the right illuminated path to the transcendental happiness.

Random Profiles of Great Adept Scholars from Mongolia, The Products of Gomang 

Later, His Holiness the 3rd Dalai Lama travelled to Mongolia on spiritual purpose at the invitation of the state then and the beginning of Mongol-Gelug religious tie was born with the establishing of Gelug tradition in Mongolia. In such process of relation with visiting adept scholars from Tibet to Mongolia, Buddha Dharma was sown and flourished in Mongolia.

It was when The Three Great Seats/Colleges of Gelug tradition were at their apex in Buddhist studies and Mongolian students continued to join as through complete attraction to the vigorous and complex monastic studies. And here, it is to refer about those who joined Gomang College and won highly acclaimed positions of adept scholars both in Tibetan Buddhist studies and arts in general: Mongolia’s spiritual leader Khalkha Jetsun Dhamba and his successive reincarnations; Mergen Lama Ngawang Lodoe; Pundit Zaya Khenpo Tenpa Dhargye; Choezei Lama Tenpai Dolmei; Alaksha Tender Lharampa; Kedhor Khenpo Ngawang Khedup; Thoyon Lama Yeshi Dhondup Tenpai Gyaltsen; Tsenshab Dorjee Yib; Choezei Ling Lama Rinpoche; Dhulwa Khenpo Thupten Nyima; Geshe Lobsang Yeshi; Geshe Wangyal; Gyume Lama Yeshi; Lopon Neing Hai; Lopon Choephel Jigme.